口の中でほろほろと溶けていく食感や、ほんのり香る上品な甘さは日本人に合わせて、厳密に計算されています。 パパブブレがいちばんこだわっているのが「光沢」です。美しい光沢を出すには、季節や気候の変化に合わせ材料の配合や熱を加える時間などに微妙な変化を加えることが重要。繊細な感覚と丁寧な仕事のたまものが、この宝石のようなキャンディを生み出すのです。

The Jewelry The Artisans Make

papabubble was founded in Barcelona. It is not just the traditional candy making. You can see the process of candy making in the store with your eyes, and you won't believe how entertaining it is. This new style art-candy-stores are located in multiple cities in the world.

papabubble is like a small theater.When you step into the store, you can see artisans making candies.When they bring a big pot with full of melted sweetness, it is the sign of start making candies. The artisans pour liquid candy on to a table, and knead it with colors powerfully but yet delicately. Then each colored chunk put together into one big log. At this point, you can not see what picture they are making. The big log will be pulled and change the form to a stick about 1cm in diameter. The final process is cutting. They cut it with practiced hands, and the jewel-like candy is now ready to eat. The liquid hardens itself into the solid matter; it changes dramatically to one piece of candy.

The unique texture of the candy melts in your mouth, and you will smell delicate scent specifically investigated for Japanese tasting. What papabubble cares the most is the shiny surface. To make the beautiful surface, the artisans are trained to adjust to temperature and humidity of each season. Delicate sense and precise work they do make the beautiful jewel like candies.